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We are one of the leading manufacturers of gear grinding machines and we specialize in the design and development of precision gear grinding machines, roll forming machines and clamping systems. Here we offer new gear grinding machines that are equipped with the latest technologies, digital servo drives, high-resolution measuring systems and a modern CNC control, characterized by their wide range of applications, highest precision combined with high flexibility and cost-effectiveness for single part and series production.

Our services

  Gear Grind Tec
  • Wide range of gear grinding machines
  • Specialist advice for gear grinding technologies
  • Construction & Development of Clamping Systems
  • ... and much more!

  Grinding wheel dressing machine
  • A wide range of profiling machines
  • Specialist advice for profiling systems
  • Construction & Development of Clamping Systems
  • ....and much more!


  Clamping tools
  • A comprehensive program of clamping systems
  • Planning, development and projecting of system solutions
  • Support the implementation of your quality requirements

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