- New profiling machine for pre-profiling of ceramic-bonded grinding wheels



Technical data
Worm Grinding wheel specifications:
Module:                 0,5-16 mm
No. of starts:                     1-9
Grind wheel Ø:     bis 450 mm
Width:                 bis 230 mm

Form Wheels specifications:
Module:                   bis 40 mm
Grind wheel Ø:        bis 550 mm
Width:                         150 mm

The profiling machine Burri PM 550 T was designed as a universal machine for pre-profiling of ceramic bonded grinding wheels for generating grinding machines, profile grinding machines, bevel gear grinding machines, rotor grinding machines, rack grinding machines, cylindrical grinding machines and is used by many well-known gear, gear and grinding wheel manufacturers worldwide.
Further fields of application can be found here in the branches of industry such as: aerospace, medical technology, mechanical engineering .......

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Take advantage of the economic advantages that speak in favor of using a profiling machine:

- Greater flexibility to respond to customer orders
- Significant reduction in storage costs for grinding wheels
- Potential savings when purchasing grinding wheels
- Higher service life of the slide tools in the production machine
- Less imbalance of the grinding wheels
- Significant increase in productivity on grinding machines
- lower machine load