- High-performance gear grinding machine based on a Reishauer RZ 300 E / NZA / OZA


Technical specifications

Work-piece Ø:          10 - 220 mm
Module:                      0,5 - 5 mm
Helix Anglel:             +45º bis -45º
Work piece lenght:  162 - 556 mm*
Work Slide travel:            200 mm
Weight:                     max. 60 kg

Grinding wheel Ø:      250- 350 mm
Widht:                           104 mm
Grinding speed:            63 m/sec
No. of starts:                       1-5

*depend on clamping tool

The gear grinding machine Burri BZ 220 is a new machine, built on the basis of a Reishauer RZ 300E / NZA / OZA, with the latest CNC control, dialog guided user interface, digital drives and a newly developed profiling unit.
It is used as a universal machine for grinding gears, pinion shafts, segments ... for manufacturers in the field of automotive agricultural machinery, construction machinery, machine tools, mining technology, aircraft, textile machinery, etc. manufactured. It can be used both for one-off production, small batch production and mass production.
* On request, the machine is available with a loading handling integrated into the grinding machine control.

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